Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Preceptorship/Nursing attitudes

At the request of @xoBSox I will discuss preceptorships and at the request of @MomofDivas2 about the attitude of nurses and I’m pretty damn sure I can incorporate both into this entry.
First off, think of preceptors as your own personal Yoda of nursing. “To you will be given education.” Now there are good preceptors and bad preceptors and you really can learn from both and before you decide if your preceptor is good or bad put yourself into their position for a minute. If I’m precepting you as a new graduate nurse, #1 My day just went from 12 hours to probably 14 and #2 I’m going to have to provide more explanation of everything that I’m doing. 95% of my days, I’m fine with that but those days where I’m assholes and elbows busy, it’s a pain in the ass. Now I know this isn’t your fault but you are probably going to take the brunt of my attitude because you’re there. Now I might sound like an asshole and a “bad” preceptor but I’m not, I’m being real. Most days I will sit and explain everything to you but other days you need to realize it’s not a good day to ask what “NIBP” means (I’ve been asked that in the middle of a code?).

Precepting is walking a fine line between teaching you nursing and letting you experience nursing. If I was a “good” preceptor and let you watch everything I did and didn’t let you do anything , then you’d be frustrated as hell and think I was bad. But if I just toss you out there and expect you to do it, then you’d be frustrated as hell and think I was bad.

Regardless of the type of preceptor you have, you will learn nursing whether you think you are or not. I was the one that was tossed out there to sink or swim. I swam and became a strong nurse, others floundered and sank. It happens. Take what your preceptor says… Learn from it.. and make it your own. Regardless of how your preceptor gets you to the end you still get there. Be strong enough to survive no matter the type of nurse that gets assigned as your preceptor. Which brings me to my other point…. Don’t be the nurse that sits on your ass at the desk. NEWSFLASH You are not the queen of the fucking hospital or nursing home and you are no better than the CNAs that are turning patients and wiping asses. When I started at a nursing home, I asked to be placed on the floor as an aide my first 3 days. The DON looked at me like I was crazy. My point was that I was brand new to the facility and wanted to show the staff I was willing to do what they do. I earned their respect and when I got jacked around at that job…those aides came to my defense….because I didn’t put myself on a pedestal above them. Also because I had their respect, they did anything that I asked. Your CNAs can make your day pleasant or completely fuck your day up.. so don’t be a condescending asshole to them and your days will run a bit smoother.


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