Saturday, March 24, 2012

Know Your Role

I think it’s important in nursing and life in general to know your role and know your qualities.  Are you are leader or a follower?  A critical thinker?  Someone who just wants to get by and draw a check?

I think the lack of knowing this beforehand can contribute to nurse burnout and people with Nursing Degrees working in banks or not working at all.  There are some jobs based on your qualities that may not work well for you.  For example, if you are going to work in a nursing home or an inpatient rehab your leadership qualities will probably be for naught.. and from the time I worked there the most critical thinking that I did was making sure I didn’t give Gertrude the medicine for Olive.  (Now I’m not knocking nursing home nursing, just saying that if you are a person that wants to grab life my the balls and drag it down… nursing home nursing…probably not for you)

I’ve always seen myself as a leader.  I think this is why I gravitated toward ER nursing or critical care nursing in general.  I knew that when the shit hits the fan, I would have to potentially take control of a situation.  We’ve worked multiple MIs, multiple GSWs, and this with one doc in the ER.  I’ve had the doc approach me ask me to assess a chest pain and decide if it’s legit or not.  

I think this is also why I’ve decided to pursue my Nurse Practitioner.  I want to be the guy in charge.  I want to be the giver of the orders not the taker of the orders.  But I know that’s a quality of mine.
What I think you should do, it take a few moments assess the type of person that you are and learn what qualities make you up?  It will pay off and hopefully make nursing a more enjoyable experience.

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