Monday, March 4, 2013

Flu Season

Damn I hate flu season. I swear! You should be able to slap anyone in the hospital for the flu or some complication arising from the flu if they refused to get a flu shot. #1 most cited reason for not getting the flu shot... it always makes me sick. < face-palm >  Just what do you call this?
Whatever... Any way, that's the reason I've been unable to blog for the last few months. These 60-72 hr shifts are good for the paycheck but bad for the... well, everything else. My sanity, my family, my back, my compassion, my ability to interact calmly with other humans... all strained to the breaking point. But, knock on wood, it seems to be dwindling down now.

Right now my biggest life challenge is transitioning from an Android to my new  iPhone 5. It's strange how much difference there can be. Right now I find myself installing and syncing iTunes on my PC so I can have some music on my new phone before I end up cussing Siri's ass out. I'm not completely sold on the iPhone yet.

I just experienced a major cramp in my hamstrings. Holy shit... That provides me an interesting segue into my next topic "Getting Back into Shape" but first i'm going to walk around a bit.

I think it's safe to say that 90% of us are not in the "shape" we would like to be. I fall safely into that 90%. I have fallen into a rut filled with malaise, depression, and complacency. Not to mention a severe lack of motivation. But there is hope. I recently quit smoking which I've been doing since high school. I'm going cold turkey for those of you wondering. So, I have that major victory that I can use to slingshot myself into becoming more fit. Or fit again I should say.  The plan is in motion, my wife has watched every food documentary on Netflix and has begun to change our diet for the better. Believe it or not that's the easy part. Now I must find time to work out. I'm hoping to start soon. I plan to run 3x a wk and lift 2x a week with one day of cardio cross training consisting of a heavy bag and a pair of boxing gloves. By the way, a heavy bag is an excellent way to decompress after a bad day. Just be sure to use proper form so you don't injure yourself.

Tomorrow is my last day off and I plan on enjoying some relaxation before this all gets in  full swing. I hope to include updates in future blogs.

Until next time,

Keep Calm and Murse On!