Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kinky, Freaky Nurses

Get into the mind of a nurse and I’d say the majority are kinky, sexually uninhibited, or like to explore sexually… hell they could even be a closet freak and you have no idea.  Why is that?  Well my opinion on the matter is that nurses (and medical professionals in general) deal with death on a regular basis.  We stare death in the face on a regular basis.  Sometimes death wins and sometimes we give a big middle finger to death and save a life.  With all this death floating around, of course we are cognizant of our own mortality.  And with that knowledge comes that fact that we know we only get one trip around this world (unless you believe in reincarnation) and we want to make the most of it.  We take more risks, we drive a little faster, we have freaky, kinky sex.  Maybe you were a freak before you went to nursing school.  Maybe you became a freak while in nursing school.  Maybe it took a few years after you get out… but I truly think that in death we decide to try to live more.  

FYI – Sex is generally a highly pleasurable activity and we want to get the most out of it… and being nurses and having intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology doesn’t hurt either ;)

The point of this post is if you are questioning why you like kinkier things then you used to blame nursing.  If you are freak already, then at least now you have something to blame it on… If you have kinky thoughts but are afraid to act on them… know that most of the time with nurses you are in mutual company.  So find a slurse or a murse and turn those thoughts into more than thoughts buried in the deep recesses of your mind.

You’d be amazed of the things that nurses at work have talked about doing or offered to do while at work.. Bad slurses ;)  I could talk about it here but it would go from R rated to X rated relatively quickly, LOL

And if you like “vanilla” sex and think you always will, hell at least enjoy it then.   

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