Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm back, Jack!

It's been a long time since I've posted a blog. It's been too long. So, I'm going to attempt to catch up.

I don't know if Ive mentioned it here before but my wife is also an RN. She graduated last May. Just before she graduated and at her behest, we moved out of our 100 year old apartment to a house in a very small town about 45 min away. She continued to commute to her last few days of classes and clinicals and I commuted to work while looking for a job some place closer to our new home. Wait, back up... I forgot to mention that she was 5 months pregnant when she graduated. So, she quit her job when we moved and being 5 months pregnant couldn't find work anywhere. Although they don't discriminate against pregnant women, she never seemed to get interviews. So, I took on all the bills and expenses of moving on my own. To make that worse we found out we were pregnant 1 week after I bought my new truck.

 So, naturally, cuts had to be made. I couldn't get rid of the truck or the gas needed to drive 45 min one way to work. I had to cut the internet and the cable. Well, I didn't cut it so much as I never started it at the new house. How exciting for my pregnant wife to sit at home with no cable and no internet in a town smaller than Mayberry with nothing to do. Thank God for Smartphones and 3G signal in the boonies. So, having no access to the internet on my computer, I couldn't write the blog anymore. I certainly wasn't going to try to type it out on my Droid.

My job search went well, interviews left and right, I finally landed on a small hospital about 30 mins away. Didn't improve my commute much, did I? But they really liked me and the CEO was so positive and energetic and likeable, the new Nurse Manager (who has an MBA to go with her BSN) was awesome too, and she told me all about the new ideas and plans she and the hospital had in store. I'll be honest, it sounded like I was getting in the door at the right time. I took that job but didn't quit my other job, figuring I'd have to make up for my wife's missed salary. Then I got a call from my former DoN asking me to come help her out as she had recently been hired as a regional director for a home health company that worked with Peds. She had been doing all the infusions herself on top of her administrative duties and wanted me to jump in and do some infusions. I said "Ok", and then I had 3 jobs! I really didn't have time for blogging then. I worked my tail off all summer until late August. I stopped scheduling myself at my original job and became extremely PRN. The infusions slowed to a crawl because eventually you worked yourself out of a job because your Pt's got better from the infusions, or they died. I know, that's a downer but it's true.

Sept 27th, my wife gave birth to my daughter


 A few days prior to that I had finally gotten cable and Internet and was all ready to get back in to blogging. Then I stopped sleeping! My God! Do people know how needy these babies can be? This has been a whirlwind of emotions and a physical strain. I will tell you that I have served in an active combat zone, I have stayed awake (my longest stretch) for 55hrs and finished it off with a convoy through a heavily populated area, and of course I have graduated Nursing school. NONE OF THESE THINGS PREPARED ME FOR FATHERHOOD!

That should catch y'all up for a while. I really enjoy my Twitter Anon shenanigans and I enjoy giving out advice and guidance. There is someone on twitter now that is almost a blatant copy of my account and I don't know whether to feel flattered or angry or threatened. I now that it's pissing me off so far and I'm refusing to follow him because if I see him tweet something that I've tweeted before I will lose my shit and probably hundreds of followers in the process.

I'm debating doing one of these Google Hangouts with the other Anons, I just recently bought a web cam so I can talk to my parents over Skype and they can see the baby. It would just be really awkward to jump on there and recognize someone.

Ok, I'm sorry that wasn't a comedic post. I'll be funny next time.

Until next time...

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