Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Introductions are in order....

Fellow Murses, Nurses, and Nursing Students,

  Welcome to my first attempt at "Blogging"...  My purpose in this endeavor is to add a little depth to what I am trying to accomplish with my Twitter account.  Because sometimes 140 characters isn't enough to get my message across.  That being said, you will get your fair share of rants from me, because this is a better forum for that sort of expression than the workplace.  I will (attempt to) dispense wisdom, I will apply a heavy coat of sarcasm.  My humor is dark and it can be relentless and I have a foul mouth when not at work.  If you are easily offended, you are not only reading the wrong blog but probably pursuing the wrong career.  Like Nursing, I am not for the timid or the naive. 
  About Me: A vague intro seems to be in order, although to maintain my anonymity I will leave out a lot of specifics.  I am a Male Nurse (obviously) I am almost 30 years old and I live in the Midwest.  I started my medical career in the US Army in 2001 as a Practical Nurse I was also trained as a Paramedic.  I served overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am married to a nurse and we are expecting our first child. I am currently an RN although I do want to obtain my Masters eventually.  I am an atypical Nurse besides being a man, I am also a large man, by that I mean 6'3" and I'm slightly insensitive.  Its amazing what a fake smile and blue eyes can do for a patient or family member.  I drive a truck, love dogs, grew up on a farm/ranch and will soon be working with my father-in-law on his ranch and eventually living on it.  I don't know what else to tell you.

  I will have guest bloggers, friends and followers alike.  Hopefully, I do not get too busy with life and forget to blog.  Like my Twitter account, this will also be anonymous.  It's better for everyone that way, especially any co-workers and bosses that may find offense to the things I write about them. 

  That's not a big intro but I'm not an English major, I have a real degree.  Before I go, I want to add a few things.  I have a new email account associated with this blog. It's mursewisdom@gmail.com Easy to remember.  The second thing is that if you are, or formerly were, an English major and you feel the need to criticize my use of syntax or misuse of a semi-colon, feel free to do so... out loud... in front of your computer... at home... where I can't hear you. Because I don't care if I ended my sentence in a preposition.  I write and type in Nursing shorthand and it takes a lot out of me to type full words and use punctuation. 

If you are not following on twitter please do so and tell your friends... @MurseWisdom

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading your posts ;-)